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Introductory Level E-Course, Silver Level


The Introductory Level to Signing Exact English will get you well on your way to fluent sign conversations with well over 400 new signs and sentences. This level is for beginners and for those who want to refresh their signing skills and begin signing conversations.



Each lesson includes videoed instruction of each sign, including practice phrases with the signs, written word lists and extra practice sentences, written explanations of new concepts and features incorporated in each videoed lesson, and explanations on the video of these same features. There are videos of new signs and simple sentences to view for receptive and expressive practice and review.

The Introductory Level includes:

  1. The sign alphabet
  2. Numbers
  3. The principles of Signing Exact English
  4. Multiple meaning words
  5. Fingerspelling
  6. Vocabulary word list
  7. Sentences and phrases
  8. Visual features
  9. Lesson videos
  10. Practice videos
  11. Receptive practice