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Providing quality training and support to those using Signing Exact English since 2003

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On-Site Training

Classroom Support for Signers/S.E.E. Interpreters

S.E.E. Support will come into the classroom where you are signing and provide support and feedback specific to Signing Exact English.

Training at Any Level

Introductory Level

Participants learn the alphabet, numbers and S.E.E. vocabulary used in simple sentences, as well as visual features, sign families and S.E.E. principles.

Level Two

Use of space for clarity in sign communication including continued proficiency with visual features, all S.E.E. affixes, and increased vocabulary. Increased fluency in production is attained through stories and paragraphs.

Level Four

Introduction to transliterating/interpreting. Voice to sign and sign to voice skills are developed in short passages of controlled pace. The focus is set on educational settings and material.

Level One

Continued vocabulary development including affixes with sentences and paragraphs incorporating appropriate visual features.

Level Three

Extensive practice signing conversations while continuing to develop fluency. Listing techniques and stories with two or more characters are practiced.

Level Five

Increased skill and fluency in transliteration/interpreting. Participants practice and are required to successfully transliterate real time classroom lessons.

Weekend and Week-long Workshops

Workshops are designed to provide a concentrated time of skill development targeted to the participants. Each workshop is uniquely developed for the expressed goals, sign experience and signing skill of the participants. Participants are divided into appropriate groupings and instructors work with each group to increase vocabulary, fluency, knowledge and develop strategies for continued skill development.

Half and Full-Day Workshops

These workshops are provided for professional development days or groups wanting a brief introduction to S.E.E., more information about this sign system, or specific review/skill development.

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